Ugly Chief 2018 Tour is over and dad and I didn’t kill one another. 

It was a funny old tour; after premiering it at Battersea Art Centre we toured the country with the Collaborative Touring Network. CTN is a partnership between Battersea Arts Centre and eight different festivals. CTN challenge’s traditional touring models that often exclude areas without an existing infrastructure for theatre and performance. In other words we performed everywhere from Minster’s to town halls. Mainly performing in venues that are not arts venues; that attracted entirely new audiences including dad’s TV fans.

On a London stage there is something exotic about dad and my Northerness and working class’ness. On this tour we often mirrored the audience, it gave a brand new quality to the show, with the audience often siding with dad over me (Great!). In dad’s eulogy he states that all people should be tattooed with the football team of where you’re from in order to stop plastic fans. I then go on to berate dad for this ridiculous statement, on this tour dad’s statement got whoops and cheers! Sometimes I had to throw half my script away. We finished the tour in Folkestone Quarterhouse and in Brighton Festival as part of Caravan where we received rave “Must See” 5 star reviews.

Thank you to everybody who came and who made this tour possible. Extra special thanks to the local community brass bands who blew audiences away in our show finales.  Dad and I are taking a sabbatical from each other for a bit, but if you are interested in bringing Ugly Chief to your venue please get in touch with Janice Brittain

Sheffield Doc Fest
We are at Sheffield Documentary Festival from 9th – 12th June to get inside industry knowledge for our documentary “Hair Peace”.  Come and say hi.

Stand Up
Some of you might know I have immersed myself in the world of stand up comedy. I am still honing my craft, but it is bloody fascinating. Obviously I’m going to make a show about it. And I’m getting good, the other night in Eastbourne I came joint 1st in a competition of 3. I’m currently doing 5 minute slots in London and Brighton please get in touch if you have a slot.

Thanks for reading and hopefully see you soon!

Image by Rosie Powell Freelance, Designed by Ryan Laight. Both of them are geniuses.