Hair Peace

Victoria Melody promo image for Hair Peace



When Victoria Melody was competing in beauty pageants for a previous show a hairdresser advised her that she needed hair extensions. Freaked out by wearing a piece of somebody else’s body, she set out on an extraordinary adventure to find out exactly where this hair comes from.

Victoria’s boundless curiosity takes a live audience from the temples of India to the shopping malls of Russia, via hair salons and forensics labs on a humorous, moving and serendipitous journey around a World in miniature.

There is a saviour in the shape of a Bollywood financier, the most expensive wedding to have ever taken place, a Celebrity Big Brother contestant, and hair.Lots of hair. Sacks of it.

With dramaturgy from Rachel Chavkin (The TEAM) and directed by Paul Hodson and Petra Massey. Hair Peace is a comedic exploration from an unlikely sleuth whose personal odyssey provides astonishing insights into ethics, diverse cultures and the personal realities of the global economy.


Creative Team

Creator & Performer – Victoria Melody
Directors – Paul Hodson and Petra Massey
Dramaturg – Rachel Chavkin
Production Manager – Sean Phillips
Designer – Ryan Laight
Camera Operators – Joe Murray, Mitch Mitchinson, Evgeniy Kurbatov
Photographers – Richard Davenport, Hugo Glendinning

A Big Thank You!

Other than my amazing creative team Hair Peace would not have been made if it wasn’t for these amazing people:

Beverley Haselden, Neeharika Mishra, Backpack Films, Munro Productions, Mahesh Pillai, Blue Cloud, Amanda Rose, Roxanne Carney, Jenya, Ruslan, Sergio, Great Lengths, Raj Hair Intl, Dessange India, Sapna Bhavnani, Dr David Ballard, Gavin Stride, Janice Brittain, Kings College London, Gopi, The Hair Shop, Warwick University, China Plate, Mosalsk Factory, Bishnupriya Gupta, Dr Ben Richardson, Dr Caroline Wright, Dr Carol Wolkowitz, Professor Ann Stewart, Shirin Rai, Matthew Watson, Sarah Hodges, Avis Cockbill, Sascha Ott, Selina Thompson, KFS Forensics, Fiona Baxter, Emma Markiewicz, Robin Ball, Reading Art Centre.