Since graduating from Chelsea College of art in 2001 Victoria’s visual and performance art practice has been exhibited nationally and internationally. In 2009 her practice shifted from the gallery to the theatre.

‘Major Tom’ was shortlisted for a Total Theatre award and The Arches Brick award. It won an Argus Angel for artistic achievement and received rave reviews including 5 stars from The Times. Victoria went on to perform it over 160 times nationally and internationally including a 2 week run in New York.

‘Hair Peace’ was given 4 stars from The Scotsman and The Times at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. With The Times naming Victoria as “one of the most charming independent performance artists in Britain”.

‘Ugly Chief’ was Victoria’s most ambitious show yet. Ugly Chief was a comedy based on true-life events, performed by a band of musicians, a real-life father and daughter and local brass bands. It premiered in London and received rave 4 and 5 star reviews across the run. Time Out called it “Fascinating, beautiful and utterly human”.


Victoria Melody The Enthusiasts

The Enthusiasts


Victoria Melody is passionate about other people’s passions. In The Enthusiasts, audiences are invited into two extraordinary communities.

Victoria Melody Head Set

Head Set


Selected as one of the best shows to see at the Edinburgh Fringe by Time Out and The Times, Head Set is a theatre show that explores amateur stand-up comedy and how to make peace with our disordered and messy brains.

Ugly Chief created and performed by Victoria Melody and Mike Melody

Ugly Chief


Ugly Chief is a comedy based on true events performed by a genuine father and daughter duo. Its a eulogy for a living soul, exploring the taboos around death.

Victoria Melody promo image for Hair Peace

Hair Peace


Hair Peace is a show by Victoria Melody, that takes the audience from the temples of India to the shopping malls of Russia, all for the origins of hair extensions.

Victoria Melody Major Tom Mrs Brighton

Major Tom


Major Tom is the story of how an average 34-year-old became a beauty queen and how her unruly pet basset hound, Major Tom, became a championship show dog.

Victoria Melody Northern Soul Dancing

Northern Soul


Northern Soul is a one-woman show about Victoria Melody’s attempts at joining in… Journey from befriending Pigeon Fanciers to Northern Soul in strangers living rooms.


LemonAID Response Unit

Lemonaid Response Unit


The Lemonaid Response Unit comes from a collaboration between Victoria Melody and police officer, PC Mahmoud. The Lemonaid Response Unit is about visibility and giving the public a rare opportunity to speak to the human behind the uniform.


Vic In A Bed Dog

Vic In A Bed

Everything Else

Originally commissioned by Hunt and Darton’s Radio Local, “Vic in a bed” sees artist Victoria Melody stay in a different B&B every night over the course of a week in Fleetwood.

Victoria Melody While you Wait film still

While You Wait in a Queue

Past ProjectsPerformance Art, Films and Exhibitions

A series of podcasts, each of which is a different meditation on the idea of waiting and the distinctly English art of queuing.

Pigeon Racing image with Victoria Melody

Demographics of a Pigeon Fancier

Past ProjectsPerformance Art, Films and Exhibitions

When the age-old sport of pigeon racing is mentioned, who comes to mind? In this show, Victoria Melody is on a mission to find out the real answer.

Face Off Victoria Melody performance

Face Off

Past ProjectsPerformance Art, Films and Exhibitions

In Face Off Victoria Melody creates portraits of the public using police photofit software with hilariously curious results.

Hill Screams film still of Victoria Melody


Past ProjectsPerformance Art, Films and Exhibitions

What’s the best way to deal with anger? Ventilation explores different individuals’ patterns of perceiving, feeling and responding to anger, including one method: Hill Scream.

Pissed off Pumpkin performance for camera with Victoria Melody

The Anger Series

Past ProjectsPerformance Art, Films and Exhibitions

In The Anger Series Victoria Melody gives vent to her frustration via her alto egos Bastard Bee & Pissed Off Pumpkin letting us know exactly how she feels!

Vector Victoria film still of Victoria Melody

Vector Victoria

Past ProjectsPerformance Art, Films and Exhibitions

Vector Victoria is some of Victoria Melody’s earliest work, made in 1997 about her alter ego with a message from the distant future.