Major Tom

Major Tom the basset hound dog "performing" on stage

“I laughed till I cried.”

“…incredibly funny”
Edinburgh Evening News

Major Tom is the story of how an average 34-year-old became a beauty queen and how her unruly pet basset hound, Major Tom, became a championship show dog.

Major Tom and Victoria increasingly immerse themselves in the obsessive and confusing realm of personal scrutiny as they participate as genuine contestants, determined to win.

Victoria, accompanied on stage by documentary film footage and her dog, tells this true story. It explores the British fascination with celebrity, beauty and winning.


Creative Team

Created and Performed – Victoria Melody
Dramaturg – Paul Hodson
Production Manager – Sean Phillips
Lighting Designer and Production Manager 2013 – Greg Mickelborough
Camera Operators – Louise Purnell, Juice Productions, Wiggly Line Productions, Rosie Powell
Editors – Wiggly Line Productions, Victoria Melody
Photography – Liquid Photo


Commissioned and produced by Farnham Maltings.
Developed at BAC.
Supported by Harlow Playhouse, Escalator East to Edinburgh and Arts Council England.