Photo of my DIY home studio for MC’ing at G&B’s mighty Girlpower night.

Hi Everyone,

The Metro published my tweet that I thought Jackie Laverty was Joanne Davidson’s blood relative. I was wrong and in a script twist not seen since Scooby Doo, Buckells was H all along.

We’ve all been watching so much telly. I’m the worst kind too because I don’t have a house telly, I watch it secretly on my unpractical tiny screened laptop. BUT we don’t need TV now because we can go places and use toilets again.

Thank you for showing an interest in me and my work. You are my favourite people! I’m going to be sending out a short newsletter once a month. It’s going to be mainly about art, things that I think are ace and things I’ve learnt.

London Walks

The only thing we’ve been allowed to do is walk so I’ve burnt through every single walking book of London. The best by far is Walking Dickens’ London. It gives a real social history of Victorian London, bleak basically. His writing was able to transcend class. He appealed to the poor and rich as he had experienced wealth and a childhood in the debtor’s prison. The Inn’s walk is one of London’s best kept secrets, stunning secret parks that are open to the public.

Art Exhibitions!

Brighton Festival is on and my top tip is Abigail Conway’s – The Candle Project

Somerset House in London is filling it’s courtyard with 400 trees for the London Design Biennale. When I’m working in London, I’m based at SH’s Exchange. Hopefully there’s no Silver Birch because that’s one of the main dirty culprits for hay fever.

I’ve booked stunning looking Alice in Wonderland-Curiouser and Curiouser at the V&A.

What I’ve Learnt from Performing Online

I’ve written about performing my latest show online the advantages and pitfalls and how to engage your audience. Read The “Head Set” Experience


Take care of yourselves. I mean it!

Love Vic x