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In May for Brighton International Festival I made two of my favourite and creatively successful pieces (I think) of art. I’m an artist but I’m also an anthropologist and for 15 years I’ve been experimenting and trying to find ways to bring the outside World into the incredible communities that I immerse myself into. I wanted to find a way to elevate the incredible characters I collaborate with and find a way for audiences to experience these communities authentically. Creating work that surprises and delights audiences as they meet and learn about groups of people that are right under their noses but that they have never previously come into contact with. Well eureka, I’ve finally found the formula.

What is it? The Enthusiasts is a living documentary where audiences are invited into extraordinary communities for an intimate auditory experience. In Brighton I worked with Pigeon Fanciers (watch vid here) and across town I worked with people who work in the Funeral Industry (video link). They were a joy to make from start to finish.

Both pieces were the first things to sell out in Brighton Festival and so I’ve a feeling we will be back. My producers and I are also in talks to make new bespoke pieces with different communities around the UK, so hopefully we will be coming to a place near you.

Arts Council
*Exciting and Incredible news alert* The Head Set 2023 Autumn tour has been awarded an Arts Council grant. We are doing a massive UK tour in Oct-Nov some dates have been added to my website the rest will be on there in the next few weeks.

Getting funding right now is a bitter sweet pill. When I started out there was a 75% chance of getting Arts Council funding. Now in the South East that has been reduced to 17%. So many wonderful artists and projects are not being given the cash that they so rightly deserve. I know money’s tight for everyone right now, but when you buy a ticket to a live show a performer gets her chicken wings.

I’m selling my stunning Dutch barge
I fell in love with my boat the first time I saw her but now I’m off on new adventures. I’ve loved being here and part of the incredible community. Did I tell you I used to live next to Sandi Togsvik? She’s gone now and been replaced by somebody from Peep Show. Check it out if you want a nosey and fancy a private viewing. It’s moored in Limehouse in zone 2 right near to Sir Ian Mckellen’s pub the Grapes. All the thesps live around here.

Culture I’ve been loving:

Anselm Kiefer: ‘Finnegans Wake’ at the White Cube

The Restless Republic: Britain without a Crown by Anna Keay

Girl A by Abigail Dean

I know it’s a classic but I’m only now reading for the first time The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Angela Porter in Brighton is a miracle worker. She’s helped me with everything from hay fever to anxiety.

Thanks for reading 

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Photo by  Rosie Powell