Obviously, the tour for Professional Stranger isn’t happening in April and May. But don’t worry I am still practising and performing it every night for Mitch (husband) and the dog. They are delighted. In fact, they both make such a good audience I may only make shows for them from now on. PS will be back one day and it will sell out everywhere because as a society we will be so desperate for connection that we will go out and see any old shit. Not that PS will be shit, it’s going to be great because of all this practicing.

I am in the great position that all my partners and venues want to continue working with me to bring the tour to you. We will make this happen, sign up to my mailing list for updates. In the meantime I am trying to work in different ways on existing and new projects. I have reservations about it but I may even get involved with some online stand-up gigs. At least I won’t actually have to stand up and I can mute hecklers!


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