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I’ve always thought I was passionate about other people’s passions. I’ve realised, I’m passionate about how other people are passionate about their passions. A person doesn’t have to be at the top of their game, they don’t have to be the best pigeon fancier in the World, what’s engaging is the love and delight they have for their subject. People enjoying life on their own terms. Look how many TikTok followers the trainspotter Francis Bourgeois has, we don’t care about trains but we love seeing him get excited when a train beeps.

Rory McCormack
The above picture is of Rory McCormack, outsider artist and Brighton’s last beach launching fisherman. On Brighton beach if you walk past the Palace Pier (the unburnt one) towards Kemp Town you will see a fenced off square. In this cement grotto if you look through the gaps in the fence you will see magical sculptures (some are 6-foot-high) made from cement, shingle and flint from the beach. Rory says he is “a restless person, with itchy fingers who couldn’t help but keep going. When it starts I think it’s a spontaneous thing… there is a spark and I put 2 stones together or 2 whatever together and I get carried away… and I do not ever think in terms of art… it’s something much more simple and satisfying… … but another time you will be doing something similar and you have created something that will move you emotionally…”

Power Station Nature Reserve
I’ve just come back from Elmley Nature Reserve where I stayed in a log cabin (with no distractions) to force myself (ADHD) to learn my lines. I am incredibly smug with that particular life choice. There is an outside bath and as long as you squint to ignore the nuclear power station and the prison then it is idyllic.

We finished our technical rehearsals at ACCA in Brighton and I have finally learnt my lines. I’m excited, I’ve really developed as a performer because of all the stand up. I’m also nervous, my last show was Ugly Chief in 2017!  I just want the show to hold up, 4 years of research and a ridiculous amount of woman hours has gone in to it. It is a joy to perform and like Francis Bourgeois and his joy for trains this is what happens when you do stand-up comedy on your own terms.


Head Set (my show obvs) is on at 15th June Colchester, 17th June Brighton, 1st July Farnham, 8th July Worthing and 13th July Canterbury.

Head Set at Edinburgh festival – Pleasance have confusingly programmed another one woman show about the brain on in my space before me called Head Case. So, make sure when you’re booking that you book tickets for Head Set not Head Case! Unless you want a double header. We could join forces and call ourselves the Head Women but I’m worried about what audience we might attract.

Hacks is incredible, prepare to become obsessed with Jean Smart Season 2 is out now on Prime

The Secret to Superhuman Strength by Alison Bechdel

Cornelia parker at Tate Britain

Punchdrunk was spectacular but confusing.

I’ve joined TikTok, let me know who you are on there so I can follow you.

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