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Victoria believes that EVERYONE regardless of their job title, age, class, skills or neurology has it in them to be an artist. She has 15 years’ experience in leading people on highly engaging, playful and motivational workshops, offering hundreds of individuals and numerous organisations new ways to unlock their creativity.

Her workshops are for literally anyone and everyone who is trying to inject some creativity into their life and their work, including adults, young people and people living with disabilities. Her workshop topics currently include how to be more creative, how to be funny, how to tell great stories, the importance of play and how to make it as an artist.

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Victoria Melody Interview


Victoria loves giving talks…in fact, try to stop her! She passionately shares her knowledge and experiences from a highly successful career that has spanned 21 years. She specialises in inspirational and comedic talks about art, the creative process and the anthropology of England’s niche communities.

Her talks are designed to engage and entertain as well as equip the audience with simple, playful powerful tools they can put into practise immediately. She has lectured at a number of Universities including Sussex, Birbeck and Chichester and has been a hugely well received after-dinner speaker at corporate events.


Victoria has worked one-on-one with complete novices to established successful artists. This is bespoke to each individual’s needs and has included helping people kick off their artistic practice, helping people with their process and to realise their full creative potential, being an outside eye on projects and helping people to strengthen their full blown stand up/theatre shows.

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