Hi Team,

I know it’s not jumper weather but Mitch’s mum knitted me this and it’s incredible. You can buy your own knit kit from Lauren Aston.

I’ve had some good news Time Out has said I’m one of the top 15 shows to see in Edinburgh. The Times and Lyn Gardner have also picked me as one of their top shows to see. How I wish Lyn still worked at the Guardian (my friends think she’s on the pay role because she says such great things about my work) she called me ‘the Queen of theatrical quirkiness” and that’s what I’d like you all to call me from now on. All that being said I am still cacking it. Are people going to come to Edinburgh this year what with train strikes, dodgy international travel and inflated hotel prices? I bloody hope so. If you are up and fancy meeting up, hit me up! And tell your friends. I’m on at Pleasance Courtyard 4.50pm 3rd – 28th August (not Tuesdays because I will be hiding from people in a darkened room) You can BOOK TICKETS HERE.

BBC Radio
If you fancy a short listen here, I am talking on BBC Merseyside to Sean Styles. I’m glad he corrected my name. It’s always so awkward when you are introduced and you have to say “Hi, actually my name is…”

Things I think are ace
I kept spotting incredible painted bins at Glastonbury, here’s an article about the artists behind them.

TV recommendations
Tokyo Vice, I’m obsessed with Japan and this is just (chefs kiss action)

Sort Of I met Bilal Baig at a talk that Marlborough Productions put on at The Spire in Brighton, they were brilliant and now I’m hooked.

Film recommendation 
Everything Everywhere All at Once

I think I’m going to write an industry blog on the the actual costs of putting a show in Edinburgh. Evaluating what areas I thought were and weren’t worth the spend. Let me know if this is something, you’d be interested in.

We drive up to Edinburgh tomorrow. If the exhaustion doesn’t take over (Victorian Melodrama was one of my many nicknames in school) then I’m planning on seeing loads. I will let you know who and what to watch out for. Please send me your recommendations.

I’ve joined TikTok, let me know who you are on there so I can follow you.

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Love Vic x