Mike Melody, Victoria Melody, Mary Berry, a member of McFly and the Reverend Richard Coles

This Saturday 14th October at 9am-10.30am Dad, me, Mary Berry, a member of McFly (Harry Judd, I think because he’s got a fitness DVD out) and the Reverend Richard Coles will be sitting around a table chatting about…..? This is a live show. Which normally would be fine. In fact these are the kind of situations I thrive on. But this time I’m with dad and Mary Berry – the loveliest, politest lady in the World with my dad who has been compared to Frank Gallagher from Shameless.

Ugly Chief: Victoria Melody and Mike Melody

Ugly Chief

We are doing press activity in the lead up to the premier of Ugly Chief at Battersea Art Centre.

We open on the 31st October (Halloween) and we close 3 weeks later on the 18th November.

We have a week of rehearsals before we open so dad and I will be staying over and living in the building for a month. I’ve downloaded a meditation app for my phone.

To Do List Interview

Here is an interview dad and I did for To do List, it’s a short read.

Theatre Bubble Interview

Or if you want a longer read here is an interview I did with Theatre Bubble.

David Jubb talks Ugly Chief

And finally… here is David Jubb (Artistic Director and CEO of Battersea Art Centre) talking about the show with a special lens on the camera to make it look romantic.