India, Ugly Chief, Hair and Peace

Hello! Since the last time I wrote I have been touring, getting a battering from Philippe Gaulier in Paris and working on two new projects that I LOVE.

Hair Peace

The research for Hair Peace is well under way, I am visiting India in October to try and find the women who grew the hair extensions I was given as a beauty queen in Major Tom. Hair Peace is a show about global trade, traceability and the search for the personal story behind my long locks.

My schedule is packed with visits to human hair exporters, celebrity hairdressers, temples and rural villages. There’s been a lot of red tape but I am glad to be finally making the trip. It’s been commissioned by Triggered at Warwick Art CentreBattersea Art Centre and funded by the Arts Council.

Ugly Chief
Not content on having already made a show with a sleepy and stubborn collaborator (the dog) I am currently working on a new show with my dad – Mike Melody. Ugly Chief comes from the Gaelic meaning of our name Melody and the show although in its early stages will be exploring funerals, namely his funeral. This development time has been supported by greenhouse and The Old Market.

[interactive_banner banner_title=”Something else: Allison ‘Tootie’ Montana ” banner_desc=”Allison ‘Tootie’ Montana is Big Chief of the Yellow Pocahontas tribe of New Orleans’ Black Mardi Gras Indians for many years He has worked as an innovative costume designer, a brilliant dancer, and an eloquent spokesman for African American people of Creole descent.

Photograph by Kathy Anderson, Courtesy New Orleans Times-Picayune” banner_image=”id^1355|url^|caption^Allison ” banner_style=”style11″ banner_bg_color=”#fc1368″ banner_overlay_bg_color=”rgba(252,19,104,0.5)” banner_title_font_family=”font_family:Fjalla One|font_call:Fjalla+One” banner_title_style=”font-weight:bold;”]

Major Tom – Catch the show in one of its last UK performances.

Victoria Melody on stage with her dog in Major Tom
We won an award! The Argus Angel Award for artistic excellence. So now Major Tom is an award winning show about losers.

15 – 27 September  Battersea Art Centre Book Tickets
8 October  Axis Art Centre, Crewe
13 – 15 November  Bucharest International Theatre Platform 2014

Major Tom Trailer