LemonAID Response Unit


Hi Everyone,

First lock down I was at the end of my tether, second lock down I was really at the end of my tether, third lockdown I was like wow my tether is long! Although the tether is starting to look like a very thin and stretched guitar string.

Gigs are happening again! I’ve got work in progress theatre gigs booked in for the Autumn for Head Set and I’ve somehow managed to get a comedy gig booked in every night for 10 nights in a row, I’m doing a mix of online and IRL linked here. I’m exhausted thinking about them, how did we manage before lockdown?

LemonAID Response Unit is having an outing on 25th and 26th June at Offbeat Oxford . LRU explores what happens when you invite one on one conversations in a controlled yet open atmosphere between the public and the police. Read more about it here.

Tickets I’ve booked – Lost Dog – Paradise Lost at Brighton Dome on 26th June, other dates here.

Angel Comedy’s Club – The Bill Murray is open! – literally one of my favourite places in London. I’m the kind of person who prefers seeing people work through their process rather than the slick end product. The Bill Murray is a tiny club run by comedians and you see all the great’s trying out their new stuff for like a fiver. I’ve seen Stewart Lee (I was so close to the stage I could see the writing on his hand) Bridget Christie, Daniel Kitson, Eddie Izzard, I’m seeing Sara Pascoe on the 11thJune. Join their mailing list to find out who’s on, you have to snap the tickets up fast because they sell out in minutes.

I’m listening to – This American Life podcast. I love this series. The latest episode around grief, especially Rob Delaney talking about the death of his child is incredible.

I’m learning – Last week I did a week-long workshop in improvisation. I didn’t study performance or theatre and so I always feel like I’m playing catch up. There’s no fourth wall in my work and although I’m used to bantering and interacting with audiences, I would like the confidence to push my ideas and improvisation further: Especially now I’ve got in to MC’ing comedy. I want to learn how to listen better, be more of a team player and more sensitive to the audience. Friends recommended The Free Association as one of the best. Classes are held in De Beauvoir in Hackney, that area is fit! I decided to live there until I looked at the house prices. If you would like to try improv I would definitely recommend this workshop. There were no pointless exercises it genuinely felt like every exercise was building on teaching you about yourself and the fundamental principles. I didn’t find it easy; I’m used to being a leader and it’s unusual for me to take a backseat, I had to force myself to let go of my ideas and be more present. After a year of lockdown and working solo it was a great reminder of how to work as a team.

I’ve found an oasis – If you can’t go away anywhere International this summer (who knows what’s happening – the rules keep changing.) I’ve found this stunning place – Elmley National Nature Reserve, Sheerness in Kent and it’s on an Island so it psychologically feels like you’re going away. Try and book a shepherd’s hut with a bath outside if you can. It’s stunning, quiet, on a nature reserve and they deliver food hampers to your door.

Spots – This is a weird one but I wanted to share as I’ve found something dead good. I’ve been getting spots from wearing a mask. Now with the heat, suntan lotion and masks our skin is going to suffer. Pam from Mortar and Milk told me to use Clinisoothe it’s like a skin friendly disinfectant/cleanser and I’m cured, it’s stopped Mitch’s psoriasis too. AND it doesn’t cost the earth.

Instagram – this is my favourite social media platform by miles. Follow me for here for updates and behind the scenes stuff.

Thanks Vic x